More about natural skin care options

More about natural skin care options

In this Natural Skin Care article series we have tried to find out some causes of aging skin and methods to reverse the aging damage. We have discussed some natural skin care options for dietary changes and vitamin and mineral utilization, in the form of current creams and lotions, as well as oral supplements and how they benefit your overall skin health. This article will include more about vitamins, minerals and diets and will go into some of the cosmetic products available to help in this area.

More about vitamins and minerals

In the previous article we discussed the vitamins C and E, their antioxidant attributes and how they work to protect and rejuvenate the skin. What we have not yet stated regarding these vitamins is where and how you can get them included in your new healthy diet. You can of course get these vitamins through creams and lotions that you apply topically to your skin to get the benefits through absorption through the skin's pores. Perhaps a better way to get the antioxidant benefits of these vitamins would be to consume them as part of your balanced, healthy diet. That way, your entire body can take advantage of its nutrients in this natural skin care option. You will find vitamin E in nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, olives, spinach and asparagus. It is difficult to get enough amounts of vitamin E in your food. Many choose to use dietary supplements to meet their daily requirements. A cautionary warning here is motivated: sometimes high doses of vitamin E may be toxic. Consequently, 400 international units per day are the recommended dosage for safety.

Vitamin A is also recommended for fresh skin. When the levels of vitamin A are lower than desired, a dry, stained skin tone is noted because vitamin A is responsible for skin care maintenance and repair. While you consume more vitamin A than recommended, your skin will not get healthier, when your levels fall you will probably notice a difference in your skin. Topical applications of vitamin A have shown some significant improvements in many skin conditions, such as wrinkles, psoriasis and auxiliary control.

A vitamin B called biotin is one of the most important B vitamins for healthy skin tissue. This nutrient is the basis of skin, nails and hair cells; and without enough amounts of it in your body you may suffer from itchiness, skinny skin and even hair loss. B vitamins in current creams give the skin a healthy glow. You will find these natural skin care vitamins in bananas, eggs, oatmeal and rice. Your body also produces a certain amount of it. Niacin, another vitamin B, helps reduce inflammation that can cause dry, irritated skin.

Cosmetic products for natural skin care

Many of these nutrients are found in cosmetic preparations designed to maintain fresh, youthful and beautiful skin. There are many products manufactured by many cosmetic companies available for current use for good skin care. You'll find cleansing cleaners, toner, collagen eye bodies, aromatic masks, moisturizers, lip balm and even mouth watering that specializes in all natural products and contains all the research information available to give you a natural skin care system that will keep you young and beautiful .

These companies have taken great steps in providing specialized make-up and cosmetic skin preparations. All this has been done to offer the consumer more opportunities to reverse the damage from aging skin and to maintain the healthier results obtained by applying these principles. The products vary from company to company and from country to country. The prices of these products range from convenient to affordable affordable .... but you and your skin are worth every dollar spent.

Then we ask you ... do you see the natural skin care options available to you? We hope we have given you some serious food for the thought. Think about your possibilities and dig deeper to reverse the effects of aging skin and maintain a more youthful skin. Nourish your skin and maybe your body as well. Health yourself from the inside out!

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