Common Skin Care Mistakes

Common Skin Care Mistakes

No one wants to have boring and lifeless skin, why some of us spend all sorts of money on skin care products that are designed to keep our skin soft and youthful. Although many of these skin care products actually do what they are doing, the reason is that many people are dissatisfied with the results they receive from the skin care product, as they unconsciously fall into many of the common misconceptions of skin care.

The best way to take care of your skin is to understand what you need in your skin, what it does not need. Take a look at some of these more common misconceptions about skin care, see if you need to tweak your skin care routine.

Too much product

More is better right? Actually, it is not. Using too much of any type of skin product is not good for the skin. Using too much of an acne treatment can, for example, lead to more severe outbreaks, and too much of eye gel can irritate and burn eyes. Most skin care products absorb directly into the skin and spread to the affected area, so you only need a little bit. Body alloys are a little different in the sense that they go all over the body, but you still do not need much, just carefully on the lid the areas you want without leaving excess on the skin.

Do not use Sun Block

The suns harmful UV rays are the main cause of wrinkles and sun spots as well as skin cancer. Forgetting wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 40 or higher protects you from sunburn, sun poisoning, wrinkles and other complications that the sun can cause. Remember to apply your sunscreen block every two to two hours, even though it is waterproof, as SPF begins to break down as soon as its moisture leaving you unprotected. A good pair of sunglasses is also good to have when its out in the sun for a long time to protect the fragile eyes from hard rays.

Use the first product you see

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to taking care of your skin just takes up the first product you see without controlling its ingredients. I can not stress enough how important it is to read a skin care products ingredients completely to see if there are any hard chemicals. Things like potassium hydroxide, SLS / SLES and Parabens are considered to be some of the most common and harmful chemicals in the skin care world. These substances are known to cause skin irritation, burn, inflammation and in some cases they have been associated with cancer.

Not consistent

If you apply a wrinkle cream or a moisturizer every couple of days, do not expect to be blown away with the results. In order for any skin care product to be effective, you must stay on top of its use. If the product says USE MORN AND NIGHT does exactly that. If you want results from your product, figure out a way to work with it in your daily routine of things. A basic skin care schedule should only take about five to seven minutes out of your schedule. A good method of applying a skin care product is just after a shower, as the pores are open and easier to absorb a product, making it more effective.


Water is the only constant need other than food that all life on this planet needs. We need water to properly regulate our metabolism, give us energy and flush waste management. Drinking a lot of water every day helps flush out toxins, dirt and bacteria from the skin that would otherwise make the skin look matte and distorted. Start drinking more water and I promise you will see a noticeable change over the coming weeks.

So now that you can properly identify some of the things your skin needs and need not, you should be able to effectively tweak to start your skin care routine for the healthiest and youngest skin around. The best things come from nature, so try to stick to all natural skin care products trust that your skin will thank you. Protect yourself from the sun as well as possible, and be as consistent as possible with your treatment. Finally do not forget to keep water with you all the time and drink, drink, drink, it can not hurt. Remember these tips and youll be on your way to the coolest skin around.

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